The Alaska Federal Executive Association (AFEA) is an organization comprised of Department or Agency Heads or their delegates within the state of Alaska. The purpose of the AFEA is to improve coordination of Government activity within Alaska through cooperative action between agencies. The AFEA was created to focus on general management, public & community affairs, and regional comprehensive planning but is not limited to these activities. In addition, the AFEA has been tasked with assisting agencies by directing its cooperative activity to specific programs of current Presidential interest.

The Federal Executive Association exists pursuant to Presidential Directive 465, “Memorandum on the Need for the Greater Coordination of Regional and Field Activities of the Government: released November 14, 1961.” Therefore, the Federal Executive Association and by relation the AFEA, is a duly authorized and constituted entity and is an instrumentality of the Executive Branch of the United States Federal Government.

There are five elected Officers of the AFEA; President, Vice President, and three members of the Policy Committee. The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the President. Other appointed officials are Committee Chairpersons for the following: Human Resource Committee, Civil Rights Committee, Emergency Preparedness Committee, Employee of the Year Awards Committee, and Combined Federal Campaign Committee.

Full AFEA meetings are held quarterly as called by the President. The Policy Committee also meets upon the call of the President. All other Committees are held in accordance with applicable Committee by-laws.